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'''BIS, SFE and DSA-QAG Related'''
'''BIS, SFE and DSA-QAG Related'''
* DSAs Updates for Practitioners including regular updates and useful documents for DSAs + The 'DSA work streams' current timescales - [http://www.practitioners.slc.co.uk/products/disabled-students'-allowances/dsas-updates-for-practitioners.aspx http://www.practitioners.slc.co.uk/products/disabled-students'-allowances/dsas-updates-for-practitioners.aspx]
* DSAs Updates for Practitioners including regular updates and useful documents for DSAs + The 'DSA work streams' current timescales - [http://www.practitioners.slc.co.uk/products/disabled-students-allowances/dsas-updates-for-practitioners.aspx http://www.practitioners.slc.co.uk/products/disabled-students-allowances/dsas-updates-for-practitioners.aspx]
* Disabled Students’ Allowances: Equality Analysis - October 2014 [https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/364182/bis-14-1108-higher-education-disabled-students-allowances-equality-analysis.pdf www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/364182/bis-14-1108-higher-education-disabled-students-allowances-equality-analysis.pdf]
* Disabled Students’ Allowances: Equality Analysis - October 2014 [https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/364182/bis-14-1108-higher-education-disabled-students-allowances-equality-analysis.pdf www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/364182/bis-14-1108-higher-education-disabled-students-allowances-equality-analysis.pdf]

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  • Institutional and Provider updates can be provided using this Word Document
  • Use Activity Titles only for support types - see below for SFE endorsed Activity Titles
  • Send rates exclusive AND inclusive of VAT or state if VAT is not applicable
  • Assign roles to SFE's Bands 1, 2, 3 or 4 - as specified in the NMH Services Reference Manual.
  • State whether a 2 quote exemption is in place allowing needs assessors to identify a single supplier. June 2015 - A 2 quote exemption communication has been issued to Assessment Centre Managers to advise from 7th April 2015 SFE require 2 quotes for all NMH recommendations. Where a HEI has an exemption in place, SFE will manage this internally by honouring the exemption but 2 quotes must be provided in all instances. The list of HEI's with an exemption can be found here HEI's NMH one quote.
  Band 1:- 
  Practical Support Assistant
  Library Support Assistant
  Workshop & Laboratory Assistant
  Sighted Guide
  Proof Reader
  Band 2:-
  Study Assistant
  Examination Support Worker
  Manual Notetaker
  Band 3:-
  Communication Support Worker
  Electronic Notetaker
  Specialist Transcription Service
  Mobility Trainer
  Band 4:-
  Specialist Mentor
  Specialist One to One Study Skills Support
  British Sign Language Interpreter
  Language Support Tutor (for deaf student)
  Assistive Technology Trainer

Support Worker Charge Rates and Funding Body Info

The DSA Timeline and associated developments & initiatives - 1983 - Present Day

The Association of NMH Providers

Charter for Non-Medical Help Providers

Non-Medical Help Services Reference Manual

BIS, SFE and DSA-QAG Related

  • For practitioners with DSA enquiries - Tel 01325 215194 (this number is not for students)
  • For practitioners with queries relating to policy and regulations - Tel 0845 602 0583 (this number is not for students) ssin_Queries@slc.co.uk
  • For Needs Assessors or Disability Advisors submitting information on late, final year applicants dsa_late_apps@slc.co.uk
  • www.dsa-qag.org.uk/ For DSA QAG Approved Assessment Centres and Equipment Suppliers - UK Site
  • [ DIUS Report on Disabled Students and HE]

Useful links / sites

  • Accessible Technology Coalition - http://atcoalition.org/ - A resource with lots of articles and reviews or current resources and technologies - US Site
  • AHEAD - Association on Higher Education and Disability - http://www.ahead.org/ - US Site but international membership
  • Alliance for Technology Access -ATA - http://www.ataporg.org - a network of community-based resource centers dedicated to providing information and support services to children and adults with disabilities, and increasing their use of standard, assistive, and information technologies - US Site
  • ATIP - www.atip.org.uk/ - NNAC's Assistive Technology Implementation Practitioner Framework
  • DisabledGo - http://www.disabledgo.com/ - detailed, personally surveyed information to universities, Further Education colleges and schools - UK Site
  • EduApps - www.eduapps.org - Eight free software collections - from The JISC Regional Support Centre Scotland North & East] - UK Site
  • EmpTech - www.emptech.info/ - database and information resources on AT to help those with specific difficulties or disabilities work and study more effectively including product descriptions, links to manufacturers, suppliers with addresses as well as other related resources including advice and training guides where available - UK Site - UK Site
  • European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education - www.european-agency.org/ - An independent and self-governing organisation established by member countries to act as their platform for collaboration regarding the development of provision for learners with special educational needs - may be useful for information on provision in EU Countries
  • Foundation for Assistive Technology - FAST - www.fastuk.org - Works with the AT community to support innovation in product development and good practice in service provision - UK Site
  • IPAT - North Dakota Interagency Program for Assistive Technology - http://ndipat.org/resources - The Interagency Program for Assistive Technology (IPAT) is a non-profit organization that strives to bring assistive technology into the lives of all North Dakotan’s that need it - good range of AT related resources and blog - US Site
  • LexDis 2.0 - www.lexdis.org.uk/ - Supported by the University of Southampton Student Centredness Fund to share strategies related to the use of technology for studying] - UK Site
  • National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People - NRCPD - www.nrcpd.org.uk/ - UK Site
  • PEPNet - www.pepnet.org/ - Advancing Educational Opportunities for People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing] - US Site
  • RESNA - http://resna.org/ - Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America - US Site
  • SERI - http://seriweb.com/ - Special Education Resources on the Internet - Portal - US Site with international links
  • SETT Framework - www.joyzabala.com/ - developed by Joy Zabala (2005), is an organisational instrument to help collaborative teams create student-centred, environmentally useful, and tasks-focused tool systems that foster the educational success of students with disabilities] - US Site
  • WATI - WATI www.wati.org - Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative:- A Resource Manual - Assessing Students’ Needs for Assistive Technology - US Site

Mailing Lists



  • nadp@jiscmail.ac.uk - NADP Mailing List - UK List - NADP offers membership to individuals and institutions. It provides codes of practice, peer support, conferences and educational events, a legal helpline service and much more - requires NADP membership - for joining details http://nadp-uk.org/