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Support Worker Charge Rates and Funding Body Info

Updated 24th January 2016

Contact Details:-

Disability Team
Disabled Students' Assessment and Support
Chemistry West Building
University of Leeds

Tel:- 0113 343 3927 - Reception



Assistant Head of Student Support – Simon Morris

NMH Quotes:-

  • The University of Leeds has an extension to their two quote exemption until the 31st January 2016. When providing a second quote, please use for comparison only.
  • The University of Leeds recognises that assessment centres are obliged to provide two quotes to SFE for NMH suppliers. The University does not currently have systems in place to support external NMH providers operating on our premises, including provision of training and liaison on health and safety, room-booking, use of our IT systems, data protection arrangements or induction into the University's campuses, policies and procedures. The University cannot therefore guarantee that it can support the appointment of an alternative provider at this time. However, to minimise any potential adverse impact on disabled students the University requests Study Needs Assessors use Clear Links as the provider for their second quote. The reason for this choice is that it has been independently audited by UNIAC, the internal audit and assurance service for universities, to measure compliance with the NMH Charter, and assessed to be substantially compliant. This gives the University greater confidence that Clear Links is able to meet the needs of disabled students and that the University of Leeds would be at lower risk of breaching its duties under the Equality Act 2010 if required to liaise with Clear Links in their provision of NMH support to University of Leeds students.

Information for Assessors:-

Support Worker Charge Rates and Funding Body Info